Last fall, Canadians made a statement more vivid than the colours of their votes. In numbers greater than we’ve seen in decades, they called for change in how our country works. They called for the kind of change that will make our world-class cities more liveable and competitive while ensuring our rural and northern communities can thrive.

Change means investing boldly in Canada’s future. People want to spend less time commuting and more time with their families. They want good housing that’s affordable, for themselves and for their neighbours. They want reliably cleaner air and water, and they want climate change taken seriously. More than ever, they understand that by tackling these priorities together, we can create jobs and set Canada on a path to sustained growth.

Change means a collaborative approach to governance. We welcome your government’s commitment to full partnership—to lead all orders of government beyond constitutional silos and get measurable results grounded in local realities. In turn, we have taken our lead from the people we serve. We invited Canadians to share their ideas for strengthening their hometowns, and we turned those ideas into policy options. This is what municipal governments do best: engage Canadians, find solutions grounded in local realities, and deliver meaningful action.

Change is unfolding now as a national conversation. That conversation deepened last fall, when infrastructure spread through the widest public vernacular and Canadians endorsed a vision to invest boldly in our future. Budget 2016 is the next and best opportunity to move that dialogue forward. This is our time to show Canadians their leaders are listening and transforming bold ideas into real jobs, growth and more liveable communities.

Canada’s municipal leaders are rising to this moment.

We support this government’s two-phase approach to investing in our communities. We envision a future of sustainable, livable communities, with exceptional transit and housing choices, and innovative responses to climate change. We are ready to extend our partnership with you to expedite job-creating projects right now—and in doing that, lay the foundation we need to build tomorrow’s Canada.